The Secret Garden Project NY

Working together for a sustainable future.

The Secret Garden Project NY is mailing free butterfly and bee garden seeds to every library in New York State for 2023.

If you would like a free seed packet to plant in your garden or a nearby vacant lot, please email:

with “free seeds” in the subject line, and the address you would like them mailed to in the body of the email. We can mail seeds anywhere in the United States.

Once you have received your seeds, it would be fantastic if you would send pictures of your insect visitors so we can showcase what this group effort was able to achieve.

To save seeds from your garden, cut and dry the flower heads after the petals begin to fall. You can either hang them outside to dry, or use a dehydrator with only the fan setting, no heat. Once the flowers are dried, pull them apart and collect the seeds in a zip lock bag. You can store all winter and plant in spring. It is best to plant after the last frost date in your zone, and 3 days before the full moon. In New York State, this would be on 5/30/2023.

This project has been sponsored by Lance’s Plant Shop. Please support Lance in his efforts to employ people with different abilities by purchasing seeds from his Etsy shop. Thank you Lance for all you do for the environment and your beloved butterflies!

This QR code goes to a Librivox Audio book recording of the inspiration behind this project. Check it out!

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett