Educational Programs

Our programs are based on sustainable agriculture and heirloom skills. There are over 40 programs that I have developed over the last 15 years.

  • Your patrons will check out more books on the program topic, and nothing makes me happier!
  • Hands on learning and engaging the 4 learning styles by allowing to hear, touch, see, and do.
  • Natural curiosity is the best motivator, and real time interactions with animals and plants can open new worlds not found through TV or electronics.
  • Learning old fashioned skills gives patrons confidence to go home and do it themselves – with a book for instructions of course.
  • I will work with any size crowd, from 5 – 500.
  • All of my programs can be tailored to your venue’s unique needs.
  • Programs can be held indoors or out, upstairs or down. (yes, my livestock has gone up stairs, ridden in elevators and walked through the mall.)
  • I provide floor protection where applicable.
  • Please consider shade and a water source for outdoor summer programs.
  • Programs can be tailored for any age group, I have had large blended family classes, toddlers, local garden clubs, teens, we can make any program work for your patrons.

Young and old alike love learning about Homesteading and STEM related topics!

Be environmentally friendly!

Libraries who are out of state or over 100 miles away from Ithaca, NY receive a discount when they block book with 6 or more libraries in their area on the same or consecutive days.

Mileage is charged at a flat rate: 

$50.00 each in state 

$75.00 each out of state.

$25.00 reduction in program cost each if more than 6 libraries join your group, or order more than 6 programs between them. 

Petting an angora rabbit during the Traveling Farm.
Angora Fiber class materials, with spun yarn on the drop spindle that patrons take home.
Old Fashioned Candle Dipping class.